We leave the route to Pedraforca, by its best known route.
It is about going up to the Pollegó Superior passing through the coll del Verdet.

An exit with a more demanding requirement when it comes to trekking due to a climbing section to access the top.
We are talking about a route almost 10 km long, half of which is uphill.
Although the steep slope is not at all extensive, overcoming the most vertical section does require having all 5 senses alert. Once at the top, it is time to descend, through a somewhat less exposed but not less important plot.
Although of course, for these reasons we are with you, to make the difficulties safer and the demands more bearable.

Beyond the technical part of this route, its appeal lies in the Pedraforca enclave and its morphology. During the excursion we will be able to understand the geological formation process and its subsequent erosion, the fauna and flora that inhabit this mountain and its human exploitation as a mine not so long ago. Landscape, the Pedraforca is beautiful, from the outside as from its highest point. Isolated in its entirety from the rest of the surrounding mountains, it is perhaps the most emblematic in all of Catalonia. From its summit we contemplate the Cadi, a mountainous border as unique as Pedraforca itself but these curiosities and many more, we let you discover live.

Yes, if they want to come they are free, but also responsible. Our insurance does not cover them but let us know and we will come prepared

If you do not have a group it is easier for you to sign up for our scheduled departures. You have the calendar on this website, or you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date

Before departure we will coordinate the cars of those who have space to reduce the ecological and economic impact of the departure

Guided trekk

Minimum 4 people


  • Professional guide
  • Insurance
  • Photo report
  • Food nor drink
  • Transport

Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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