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sergi en montrebei

Sergi Pendex

TD2 Climbing

His pseudonym mentions his jovial character and charismatic personality. He experiences climbing as an activity that oscillates between the spiritual world and the circus.

(2008) Discover the climbing between la foixarda and montserrat


(2010) Access TD1 Hiking
Take an Artificial Climbing course with David Palmada "Pelut"


(2011) Access the TD2 Escalada and start working at ClimbCatalonia


(2011) He started mountaineering at the "Couleur Noire" with Albert García at the Barre des Ecrins


(2014) Tragic year, beginning of the Ascendo project as an idea


(2015) Guide in Morocco and on the way back he starts working as a freelance


(2015) Guide in Yosemite for 1 month preparing the Nose and making a summit for his birthday


(2016) Works as a ski instructor in Cerdanya


(2017) Travel to Norway guiding for 10 days


(2019) Access Alpine Ski TD1


(2019) Work in the glacier season guiding in the Jostedal with Icetroll


(2020) Retake the Ascendo project with Jose Novo



jose en Nepal

Jose Novo

TD2 Mid Mountain

Passionate about the outdoors, he describes stories while the listener lives them. In love with Nepal he projects his respect for nature on every outing he makes.

(2010) It begins in hiking thanks to the Camino de Santiago. Which will do 3 times more.


(2011) Learn to climb and make routes with more dedication and diligence


(2012) His passion guides him to mountaineering and during the following four years he carries out all kinds of training and forays into active tourism:

  • Skydiving course
  • Paragliding course
  • Mountaineering in Ecrins
  • Climbing in Dibona etc ...


(2016) Access TD1 Hiking


(2017) Access TD2 Mid Mountain

Practices and guides at the Cerdanyola Hiking Center


(2018) Collaborations at the Alpine Club Barcelona


(2019) Works on outings and camps at the CEC (Center Excursionista de Catalunya)

Kayak Guides with Zenith Adventure


(2020) Currently works at Colegio Regina Carmeli as a teacher of Hiking and Climbing

Albert guardia, guía de escalada amputado

Albert Guàrdia


Source of inspiration for the Ascendo project for climbing as a rehabilitative and therapeutic activity.
A tireless self-improvement.

(2007) Discover climbing while working as a hospital warden (never left the hospital until 2014)


(2010) Access TD1 Hiking


(2011) Access the TD2 Escalada where he meets Sergi Pendex.
(they carry out a class work together focused on adapted climbing)


(2011) It begins in Paragliding, learning to fly and make two-seaters.


(2014) A car accident causes him to lose a leg. His main rehabilitation is climbing.


(2016) World Champion in Para-Climbing Al-2 held in Paris


Climbing continues to be Albert's faithful companion, which he combines with other hobbies and jobs.


(2019) Becomes a welder, while continuing to train and inspire everyone.

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