We like to travel, and we like to share wherever we go

Without being a travel agency we offer you a guided accompaniment.

Every year we try to make one or two trips, usually in the spring and fall. We have even been to Norway, USA, Morocco, Turkey, Romania, France, Italy and Argentina. Always opening the opportunity to accompany us on these tourist expeditions that mix the discovery of different lands with our passion for verticality.

The intention is simple, we offer accompanying guides to places where they would probably need to hire guides, but we have already done the work. In this way, those who accompany us get a more familiar, trustworthy guide from someone at home, while we can return to these places in a more profitable way.

It is worth noting that the economic advantage is bidirectional, so we open ourselves to proposals, Our company provides security and learning, and we need people eager to discover in order to create a perfectly balanced team.

Follow us to keep up to date with our proposals and do not hesitate to suggest yours!

Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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