• "Spain is the most vulnerable country in Europe to lost its biodiversity" -WWF
  • Mountaineering is the only activity done by equal gender population
  • Compulsive consumption during pandemic has risen encases residues on a 15%
  • Local businesses contribute to other key needs in the back to normality process
  • "Half an hour daily dedicates to grow a garden caring plants can reduce cortisol levels significantly" -CNN Health


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The evolution of climbing comes from overcoming small obstacles to rugged mountain routes to the conquest of seemingly insurmountable vertical walls.

Via Ferrata

To achieve this goal, the via ferrata is the activity that best suits all audiences requiring less technique and being in its origin, more functional.

It consists of overcoming walls, both vertical or horizontal, with the help of stair-shaped anchors, handrails and suspension bridges.

Not requiring a complex technique is a perfect activity for groups and families generally speaking. Via ferratas are graded according to strength, technique, exposure and psychological factor!


Sport climbing is the most widespread among people who start or those who like social activities, as it is done in groups, from two people. In the sport climbing sectors, we share space with different groups and according to the popularity of the sector we can find large communities being a good example schools such as Gelida or Siurana.

Then we find the long route, known as traditional climbing because its goal, in general, is to reach the top, or conquer a wall with several ropes. In this way the maximum rope team is three people and the difficulty is measured, apart from the technique, the exposure to it and the existing insurance among other factors. We find sectors of easy and equipped long route like the Caps of Montserrat, or lands of adventure like the wall of Montrebei.

señora superando puente ferrata


Ferrata in Barcelona that has EVERYTHING for EVERYONE's joy

Via larga fácil

Multi-pitch BEGINNERS

Pleasure climbing, with the sole aim of enjoying the atmosphere ...

chicas dando apoyo mutuo en ferrata


A beautiful ferrata between mountains with film alike views

chicas en via larga sobre el mar


Many meters and verticality as a comfort zone...

Ferrata Vallcebre


Three ferratas and a path, a place for the whole family ...

Via larga Sanchez Martinez en Diables, Montserrat

Multi-pitch ADVANCED

Long way for people with experience and fluency in the wall ...

Canyoning is a very popular activity among groups of friends, they promote teamwork, promote self-confidence while providing fun and freshness. They are an adventure activity that attracts more and more people, being even one of the strongest points of active tourism.

The ravines are classified according to their scenic interest, verticality, technique and commitment in cases of increased flow. We find ravines without any technical difficulty other than the time of physical activity, which can vary from minimum approach and return, with a combination of transport, or accesses typical of a trekking route itself.

According to the passages that we find within the ravine, slides, jumps, projections and the complexity of the descent manoeuvres, may require a high technical level in terms of rope management. Even in friendly, “walk” ravines, it is important to know the risks of it as we expose ourselves to situations of danger in the event of torrential rain or stone falls.

And continuing in the line of descents, we have the “chute” of adrenaline par excellence, bungee jumping:

Free fall jumps from a bridge with a rope attached to the harness that will not slow your fall until it is fully elongated. We know it sounds like a cliché, but this is an experience to remove the hiccups from anyone. Very popular with groups, everyone wants to try on, and challenge the next one. But an experience like this, we recommend enjoying it calmly.

Obviously everyone is free to jump as they wish as long as they comply with our security measures, but the time of preparation is very personal, becoming a ritual worth enjoying.
Moreover, it is convenient to take a few seconds looking at the environment, because liberation transcends space, everything stops, and at the same time it is an emotion that flies by.

Flotando en un barranco

La Riera del Carmen

Easy access with projections, hooks, rappels and slides ...

fortuga en el agua con clientes al fondo

Pas de l'Escalell

This activity is a gem, the place, the approach...

sergi con gruipo en barrancos

El Forat Negre

A beautiful place ideal for groups who want to spend the day ...

Those of us who love mountains have the great luck to live in a country that is the second most mountainous in Europe.

Our peculiar geography is the main reason that mountain sports are on the rise in all its versions. Both Trekking and climbing are a whole philosophy of life, it is a way of living life. They help us to get to know each other better, to develop new skills and abilities, to improve self-esteem with each outing, to overcome ever greater challenges …

Clear your mind and just enjoy mixing in the surroundings.

Our mountains are a source of natural energy, which we must be able to harness. Free ourselves from the daily mental burden in these places and then go back to circumvent the stones of the routine path. With more speed, more strength and more desire.

In addition to all this, we love mountains because they improve the character of people, promoting good humour … and in general, making our collective life something better.


Sadernes by the Riverbed

La Garrotxa is a region of great beauty and rich landscapes ...

jose con un grupo en agulles

Ruta de Agulles

A tour of the highest part of the western region of Montserrat, offering ...

vista impresionante pedraforca

Pedraforca Summit

A trip with a plus of demand when it comes to trekking due to a section to ...

Body awareness and liberation of the mind go together. One cannot be achieved without the other.
The attitude of mindfulness and the practice of yoga in our daily routine, favors us to reach lasting, less ephemeral states of happiness.

If we link this philosophy to the activities we do in the mountains, we not only benefit our consciousness by absorbing the stimuli of the moment, but we also transfer what we feel to our surroundings. Being aware of what surrounds us, we make it an active participant, whether we are talking about people, animate or inanimate beings.

As well as in situations of physical or mental demand, fatigue, fear, stress, agility … Being aware of our weaknesses fosters our strengths, achieving a balance, a whole. For this, we need to work mind, body and spirit.

The winter mountain is a luxury for those who have it within reach, and one of the kindest ways to do it is with the use of snowshoes. The sensation of walking on the snow mantle without sinking is really pleasant. Still, if the snow is harder, we will need to wear crampons.
We teach you how.

We also have the controversial activity for its two aspects, alpine and mountain skiing. Controversial because the enormous exploitations of the mountain and the environmental impact generated by the alpine ski resorts, always prune the discussion on the ethics of the sport on the table. Still, we find more responsible stations and others that are less so, but that’s another thing to talk about.

At Ascendo we offer alpine skiing and snowboarding classes adapted to all levels, starting from 4 years and focused on all kinds of functional diversity.
We see skiing as just another tool for the same purpose: enjoying the snow.

In its most purist aspect, we have mountain skiing, which uses the ski itself to ascend a slope using “seal skins” avoiding backward sliding. We organize outings and individual and group courses.

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