This is a Ferrata route worth admiring, located in the sports climbing sector of La Mussara,
offers those who venture a sublime and photogenic show.

It has 3 different sections with their respective exhausts, a via ferrata that without being initiation allows it to be done without great difficulties.
Of course, starting from an athletic physical condition, without vertigo problems and knowing that at any time the guide has the resources to overcome those challenges that are more uncomfortable.
This ferrata has crawling steps, Tibetan bridges and two optional abseils that can be used to practice, although the influx of people can make the task difficult, so we do not guarantee to offer an “on-site” workshop.

The material is rented through affiliated stores where you can go, or we do it at no additional cost. Each item costs €5, depending on the local.

The specific material consists of: harness, helmet and ferrata set

It is an activity in which physical effort will be accompanied, vertigo blocks are normal, nothing is forced, in most situations we can rest and overcome it with help

Of course, handsome, the group of 3 people are €120, if a person or two more come they pay €25 each.

But if you are 6 people it is already €180

You can request a specific rappelling workshop, but the necessary manoeuvres for this workshop will be taught at no cost, it also depends on the number of people who are waiting, we do not want to paralyse the flow of the activity

Via Ferrata

Minimum 3 people


  • Profesional guide
  • Insurance
  • Photo report
  • Food nor drink
  • Gloves
  • Transport

Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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