Horizontal mountain

Accessible and adapted.
The natural, right?

We want to collaborate with projects

And develop ours


We work on the mountain, and we owe him our time and effort. On our return after COVID-19 we want to promote or collaborate with environmental protection and education outlets, it is our obligation.

Social integration

We want to bring our proposals closer to families with a lack of resources as well as favour the inclusion of all marginalized minority groups and refugees.


Collaborate with the Catalan sports federation for the blind. We want to adapt as much as possible to people with reduced vision by learning to be auditory guides and making use of the directional bar.


Catalan sports federation of cerebral palsy, through our activities and ascent therapy we seek to collaborate and promote adapted mountaineering.

Children's club

We have a Club, the CESA, and within it, we would like to form a children's and youth group, offering training and mountain and climbing outings. Who knows, maybe they will take us to the top

Regulate services

We would like to establish common starting points with guides and similar companies, thus consolidating common principles of teaching and services.


Collaborate with the Catalan association for people with intellectual disabilities. Apart from our activities, we believe that our Ascendotherapy project can be a great incentive of great help.

Sign language

We would like to include an interpreter in our adapted activities, currently we have already tried to start learning something, although in a self-taught way.

For an accessible, adapted mountain. Not as a business but as a protected natural heritage. Help us

Principles of independent self-management

We will avoid receiving support from financial organizations that do not serve as an example and use entities like ours to do a facelift.
Entities known to all that do not need to be named, if we want to change something, let’s start with a good footing

We will work hard, we will start with a monetary deficit, it may never be a model of economic growth, but we trust that in this way we will receive the human support needed to build the best groups.

We say NO to Foundations that serve as a representation of clubs but do not really contribute anything to the end user.
They boast a mark of distinction based on antiquity and not on quality.

We say NO to Associations that receive the annual contribution of their members offering no more than access to privileges offered by third parties. They are intermediary associations that look after their own interests.

Current examples 2020

Example 1

Renowned centres for their long history hire freelance licensed guides for their club activities.
In many cases, the pay is much less than the admissible amount, to understand us, less than what a client pays a day, and we count that the club or centre offers such activity for about 6 – 8 clients.

In the line of activity, if it allows a greater number of participants, it is played within the law using young interns, who lack experience, and increase the responsibility of the guide as she is one more person in charge. This practice, more typical of a multinational than of a hiking centre or club, does not coincide with its reputation and damages that of the small neighbourhood centres that DO care for the partner and the collaborator.

For reasons like this, we reject collaboration in these centres that do not encourage the inclusion of their professionals and partners and favour their administrative staff or rent large offices, protect employees who no longer provide more than the memory of a past and, of course, they are very far from their obligation, which is to care for and respect the mountain.

Example 2

Mountain association that groups different entities or professionals, have generated a status similar to the business monopoly since to access such accreditation it is necessary to pay a fee that does not guarantee the quality of the affiliated entity, nor does it offer any advantages for membership. It is a processing fee to access benefits offered by third parties such as specialized accident insurance. They are remnants of an era that has now been contaminated with the desire to live from it. These entities offer nothing more than a name, a class, a status.

Example 3

Representatives of a group as large as fundamental and basic as the mountain, watches only for the interests of those who provide membership when, the principles of such representatives is to be the voice of all people interested in the environment and not just their affiliates. This is again a privatization of public and natural resources from which we draw our latest example following the escalation in this health crisis COVID-19

- The essence of life is to serve others and do good.- Aristotle




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