In the framework of Ecological Transition

Yes, we have a negative impact on the environment and biodiversity

From Ascendo, we continue in the direction of not depending on other agencies to make it effective measures we consider must be our own.
It is our duty to raise awareness and join the cause,
not by law, but by common sense.

Just as we exercise rights,
we turn to our duties.
First social action, then politics.
We can’t wait for the laws
change what is not written

CO2 emission reduction

Mobility plan for trips to the place of activity, we promote the use of low emission and shared community vehicles. In view of the COVID-19 situation, we will choose to rent an electric minibus or 9-seater vans. We cannot include travel in our outings, but we will facilitate coordination and manage the use of these means through rentals, or own vehicles of participants.

Coche eléctrico
Komo Sano Barcelona

Local nutrition without packaging

We are committed to ethics in all its senses, the use of energy gels and bars wrapped in plastic are left behind, after all, they are foods sweetened with cereals and nuts that can be produced at home, and they do it.

Komo Sano, is an ethical and sustainable food manufacturing company. Avoiding processed, minimizing additives and respecting celiac and allergic foods. In addition, when done at home, it does not require the expense of plastic wrap. Find out

Protection and education

Activities in the natural environment must be comprehensive, that is, they must encompass all the aspects with which it is related, we cannot continue to use the environment as a means to be exploited.

Through our outings, we will always try to provide a seed in environmental education as well as encourage participants to protect the environment.

But what we want is to make our educational outings the main claim. For adventure does not compete with ecology, and individual objectives do not compete with common goods

Montserrat EXCURSIONISTS statistical data!
Tourists staying in the monastery are not included

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Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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