Solidarity Club Ascendo

Every movement must respond to principles

this idea is our principle

  • Free activities

    Monthly subscription for a free or very cheap departure. Depending on the day of departure.
    Example: free on weekdays, reduced price on weekends.

  • Gear discount

    Possible discounts at affiliated stores. We collaborate with small local shops such as Travessa, in the Sants-Les Corts district, which demonstrates an impossible attention for those online shops, thus gaining customer loyalty for price and satisfaction.

  • Proactive participation

    Our decisions are not made independently, we believe in collective involvement and before carrying out activities or launching our proposals, the assembly takes control.

e stand in the need for self-managed entities.
Entities that are born of the people involved to cover their own shortcomings.

The main reason for starting this way is to break away from large foundations and public entities, without detracting from their work, encouraging collective, assembly and non-hierarchical organization. Being able to decide where and how to act for its members without the limitations of the public administration or subsidized by private capital.

Existing public entities see their competencies limited despite having resources. And private foundations, except in specific cases, are inaccessible to the public as to what they should be directed at.

We are walking in parallel, but with autonomy and merit.

he dreams we pursue is to make climbing an alternative therapy, to create an adapted climbing wall that serves all people regardless of their functional diversity. At the same time we realized that we could go beyond climbing, because we had the human resources.

We started by bringing people into the natural environment, conducting small sessions and testing their effectiveness with autism, physical rehabilitation and social improvements in the area of integration.

In order to be able to finance this project, the idea of a Club arose, as it serves the guides as a place of self-employment, at the same time as we invest a fund of own and other people’s donations, in the horizontal mountain project. This project is not based on therapy but on adapted leisure in general, trying to solve safety requirements and involving all groups in a natural environment taking advantage of the promotion of environmental protection and awareness.

e know that dreams are beautiful but the efforts are not free, so through the club, we will easily manage ourselves if we receive the trust it deserves.
Members who contribute capital are answered with exclusive offers, professional support and participation in special activities as well as discounts to the associated entities.

The entities are external mountain guides, shops and mountain brands that provide these discounts, offers, materials provided or tested, receiving the promotional support of this platform.
In other words, our club serves as an advertiser, we bring them clients, we strengthen our own, and Ascendo is consolidated as an ethical platform for the environment and the social community.

olunteer associates also have room. One of our ways to reach everyone is to offer free popular activities or outings. In these times, we believe that volunteering is a very powerful source of resources that only works if there is an ethical principle behind it that deserves to be supported.

We would like that too. , but we do not know so much about it, offering jobs for those minorities that are sometimes so difficult to position and, on the other hand, so suitable for this project. In addition, if funds are received for environmental conservation activities or to offer these occupations, this funding would be aimed at the people we want to help, both by offering a salary and adapted leisure activities as part of a team, social and professional towards building a community with a future perspective.

Solidarity Club Ascendo

By creating a club, Ascendo serves as a support platform for solidarity initiatives aimed at bringing the mountain closer to those who lack opportunities at their disposal. That is, through social and environmental integration projects.

Ascendo benefits its members by serving as a showcase, offering their activities of which it collects a% for the project.

At the same time, contributing members receive discounts on such activities as well as the logistical and human support that any mountain club would offer.


Public institutions already support these situations; working together we will optimize the results


We need foundations like Gutmann or Friends to let us into their realm so we can grow by learning.


We need to self-finance the project and that our services have a reduced or zero cost in the field of social exclusion

Needs detected

We live in a social framework, increasingly affected by an instability of the political, economic and environmental system. This fact has driven people to act collectively

Yet, at the individual level, we continue to need support to alleviate transient states of sadness, caused primarily by impotence, economic, behavioral, or physical.

These are the reasons that drive ASCENDO.

Due to the general distrust of economically lucrative social organizations, we see it as opportune and ethically necessary to create an independent entity that supports various actions for the common good, participatory and without benefiting its participants.

An assembly, inclusive and pro-environmental entity.

The needs detected and which we intend to cover are the following:

  • Lack of resources for social integration projects. Despite the existence of various initiatives, the conditions to which they are subject and the difficult task of modifying or adapting them to the real situation, it often leaves an economic fund wasted or wasted. (read more here)
  • Lack of technical activities adapted to the functional diversity of the person. Although they exist, they are usually exclusive (private) or through foundations that receive a profit for the mere fact of managing these activities or spaces.
  • Poor environmental awareness. Recently, care and respect for the environment is emerging as a general movement and at the individual level, especially in young people, there is a lack of incentives to improve the state in which natural spaces are.
  • Complementary therapies of expensive implementation. The outbreak of complementary therapies or healthy leisure activities opens a window to ascendotherapy. A therapy of low structural requirement and a wide margin of benefits and potential beneficiaries.
  • More collective work and less competitive. Trying to change the paradigm of our daily politics, we also aim to do so with a club that does not seek competition, that is inclusive and that promotes horizontal systems.




Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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