Solvency and agility are necessary for this type of route.
We find artificial steps, and enough floating locks that need to be removed without difficulties.
They are roads of many meters that will take us all day to enjoy with tranquillity.
For this reason, experience on unequipped long roads is necessary.

These tours are the most romantic, since they usually go through the weak points of the wall, where they once climbed up with a hammer.
Today, thanks to friends and nuts we can achieve self-protection in a more dynamic way.
It is very possible to find crossings or passages of doubtful rock, where our skill, technique and breadth of resources come together to make these routes the best of traditional climbing.

It depends on the type of road we choose, the experience you have and the exposure of the road. Since we did not carry out a previous evaluation (other guides do), everything is going on the way, inform us of your will and surely yes, yes you can.

Montserrat is our favourite place, but we will decide with you. It can be further afield, Montsec, Pedraforca, Pyrenees … the travel costs are shared, if you sleep outside, an extra per night is also assumed. Everything is talk about it

Yes, if they want to come they are free, but also responsible. Our insurance does not cover them, and we cannot take over.
It is more advisable to make parallel routes, the photos look better, and we avoid falling stones or gear onto them

If it is close and there is time, but abandoning a route can take a long time, if the reason is for reasons external to us, another day must be reserved. We consider that in these routes the participant assumes the commitment of the route, so the choice is joint, always trying to shoot low, that is, ensuring that the route does not take you to the limit and you can enjoy it.

TIM / Aeri / Montserrat

maximum difficulty required 6a +
340 meters divided into 8 lengths
self-protection route
equipped anchors for bail
approach 1h
2h walk downhill





Sanchez-Martinez / Diables / Montserrat

maximum difficulty required 6a +
300 meters divided into 9 lengths
self protection, delicate rock
approach 1h
descent on foot 1h 30 ′

Multi pitch

300€ for 2 people


  • Professional guide
  • Insurance
  • Photo report
  • Climbing shoes
  • Food nor drink
  • Transport

Utilitzem galetes pròpies i de tercers per a obtenir dades estadístiques de la seva navegació i millorar els nostres serveis.
Pot canviar la configuració en qualsevol moment.

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